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Correctax specializes in providing financial and accounting firm services by offering accurate financial foundations:


Accounting Firms & Bookkeeping Services

Tax Agent & VAT Services

Financial Reporting to full VAT services to strictly comply with UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA) Laws.

Accounting Control

Company Incorporation

We being experts in this field , enables us to meet your expectation by supporting your accounting activities, business valuation , monitor investments and performance and even educate our clients to understand VAT and its impact on their business.

Our mission is to support our clients dramatically improve their business performance through our services which are significant in achieving highest financial standards.


We're here to help you get started in the right direction to have your business registered in a few easy steps!

Tax Agent under UAE VAT

Who is a TAX Agent? Let us understand more about

A Tax Agent is a person registered with the FTA, who can be appointed by a Taxable Person to represent him/her before the FTA and assist in fulfilling his/her tax obligations and exercising his tax rights. 

A Tax Agent can assist taxable persons to fully meet their tax obligations and save them the time and effort required in compliance.


Taxable Persons with their tax obligations as per the contractual agreement between the Taxable Person and the Tax Agent.


the confidentiality of any information obtained in the course of performing his/her duties as a Tax Agent.


to participate in any work or plan which may result in the breach of any Law by any person or which may jeopardise the integrity of the tax system.


Our Bookkeeping Services

Books Cleanup

we can help you out to clean your books, arranging them in an orderly manner for you to be properly informed and ensure that you are on the right track.

Monthly, Quarterly, and Year-end Reviews

we can give you a guarantee that these reviews that we will conduct for your firm will be as precise as can be and will definitely aid you to have more confidence in conducting your business.

Financial Statements

we can make your financial statements as accurate as possible, ensuring that your balance sheets, income statements, and cash flows adhere to the generally accepted accounting principles or commonly known as GAAP.

Timely updating

of accounting records.

Preparation of Statutory

Financial Statements



When are businesses required to file VAT return?

Taxable businesses must file VAT returns with FTA on a regular basis

and usually within 28 days of the end of the ‘tax period’ as defined for each type of business. A ‘tax period’ is a specific period of time for which the payable tax shall be calculated and paid. The standard tax period is:

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